3 Things to Do to Get Ready for Winter

affordable heating and air, Santa Rosa CAA few years back I was getting ready to sit down for a meal with my family on Christmas Eve. As I grabbed the remote control to turn the television off something caught my eye. It was a family, sitting in their home during the holidays, all bundled up and freezing. They obviously did not get ready for winter.

I couldn’t help but smile at this. I recalled a story, back when I was starting our home comfort business. Sam and Alice, a young Santa Rosa couple, had steadfastly refused to have their heating unit repaired, or even looked at, because they wanted to spend the money on their small children for Christmas.

I remembered that their unit broke on Christmas Eve. The family huddling under the blankets in the television commercial reminded me of that young family.

So that you don’t find yourself in this position, we have a free report “Winterize Your Home and Save Money” that you can download here. The report lists 10 of the most essential action items you can do to get ready for winter.


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Don’t Pull a Sam and Alice — Get Ready for Winter

What do you need to do to get ready for winter? Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your home, property and yourself from any sudden ravages of winter? Don’t do like the young couple did. Be prepared.

Here are some steps you can take in three areas to brace for winter:

  • Prepare your heating system – The most important thing during cold weather may be the action of your heating unit putting out warm air! If you can’t keep your house warm you can’t stay there. Many people get their home comfort unit checked out in the spring, before warm weather. Getting your heating system checked needs to be done to get ready for winter. Take care of minor issues before they become larger ones. Be proactive with your heating unit as you don’t want to wait until an emergency strikes before getting help.
  • affordable heating and air, Santa Rosa CAChange the filter – Filters in your system are one of the most important components of the system. They are also one of the easiest things to check and change. Make sure you use the correct filter for your situation and enjoy cleaner air. Filters perform some very important functions in your heating and cooling system:
    • Dirty filters restrict air flow. This makes your system work harder. This makes your unit more susceptible to problems.
    • They keep the air inside of your home clean and fresh. The filter will take dust and allergens out of the air.
    • Cleaning your entire home will be easier. If you can cut down the dust and dander in your dwelling you will be able to tidy up your place better. You also won’t have to deal with breathing in dust and other harmful substances that can make your family sick and make allergies act up.
    • A cleaner system will run more efficiently, saving you energy and money. It also helps the planet as your carbon footprint is reduced.
  • Programmable thermostat – A great energy savings device is a programmable thermostat. This unit will allow you to set your temperature automatically. It can lower the temperature in your home while you sleep or are away at work. It can raise it before you wake up or come home from work. The thermostat does all the work. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of operation. There will be no more forgetting to set your thermostat manually. This will save you time, and energy.

Get Ready for Winter — Be Prepared!

Don’t be like Sam and Alice. Take steps to get ready for winter by preparing your property for the cold season. The items above will be a great start in that direction. Be prepared. Be safe. And most of all be warm!

And what happened to Sam and Alice on that cold Christmas Eve? Well, they did have a warm home that cold night, thanks to a certain home comfort technician.

Remember to download your free report “Winterize Your Home and Save Money” by clicking right here and get the 10 of the most essential action items you can do to  be ready for cold weather.

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