8 Amazing Ways to Save Energy This Winter

winter season energy savings include setting the hermostat at the right temperaturePreparing your home properly for the winter season can save you energy, money and keep your family warm as the temperature drops. There are plenty of winter season energy savings low-cost ways to get your home ready and able to withstand winter’s cold winds and a plummeting thermometer. Small energy savings can add up to big bucks on your home heating bill.

Winter Season Energy Savings Checklist 

The list below shows you 8 some specific things you can do to succeed at winter season energy savings and keeping your family warm, too. Most of these are do-it-yourself projects, but a few might require a competent Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service company.

1. Whether using electric heat or gas heat in your HVAC system it is good to have it cleaned and serviced before the winter season to ensure energy savings. You always think of getting your unit looked at before the hot weather but many times neglect to do this before it gets cooler. It’s just as important to do this in the fall as the spring. Your furnace will work much more efficiently if it is cleaned and serviced.

2. Changing your filter on a regular basis is important during the winter also. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the filter every three months, but you may find you have to do it much more often, say once a month. If your household has pets or family members with allergies it is wise to change the filter more often. You also want to change it in the winter as well as summer to have winter season energy savings.

3. Cracks and holes provide a way for warm air to escape and cold air to make its way into your dwelling. Check around doors, windows, pipes and other areas around your home that may let air in and out of your home. Use weather stripping and caulking to seal any problem areas. Areas around pipes and vents may need some type of foam or heavier material than just caulking as these holes tend to be larger.

4. Install a programmable thermostat. You have much more control over the temperature in your home when you use this type of control. The temperature can be set lower when you are away from home or when you go to sleep at night. The energy savings from just this action alone can be quite impressive.


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5. Lower your thermostat setting in general. For every degree you lower your temperature setting you will save about 3% winter season energy savings. This may require you to wear socks and a long-sleeve shirt or sweater while in the house but the savings are worth the effort.

6. Use a humidifier in the house. In the winter the air in your home can get very dry. Moister air feels warmer and can help you feel more comfortable even with a lower thermostat setting.

7. On sunny days use passive solar heating. Opening drapes on south facing windows will let the sunshine in helping your heating system.

8. Lower your water heater temperature setting. If your water heater temperature is over 125 degrees, it’s too warm. If your water heater is over five years old you may need a water heater blanket. Insulate exposed pipes going to and from the unit.

Home is where the heat is

Your home uses a lot of energy during the winter. Keeping your dwelling comfortable for the entire family requires your heating system to work hard and sometimes overtime. Give the entire system some winter season energy savings help with our 8 tips. By doing just a few simple, mostly do-it-yourself things you can keep your house warm and save an impressive amount of energy during the winter. Your wallet, your family and your heating system will thank you!

What can you do to save energy this winter?


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