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Map of Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa RosaTwo generations of heating and air conditioning knowledge and expertise…

Chris Carpenter has owned Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa for 25 years. After four years in the Navy where he worked as an aviation sheet metal specialist, Chris went into the heating business, benefiting from on-the-job training with a local heating and air conditioning company. Working there for eight years gave Chris the confidence to open his own HVAC business, expanding into air conditioners, and offering the customer service he has become known for.

Chris, a California native, has lived in Sonoma County for 35 years. He enjoys golf, scuba diving, and hiking. His is a family of dog lovers. They have two rescue dogs; Neo, a big, goofy lab mix, and Sally, a miniature dachshund.

Paul joins his dad in the heating and air conditioning business in Santa Rosa

In a move typical of locally-owned, family-operated businesses for centuries, Chris taught his son, Paul Carpenter, the heating and air conditioning business and they have been working together for the past three years. Paul Carpenter was born and raised in Petaluma. He enjoys martial arts and is working toward his black belt in Kenpo karate.

Asked for his key to success in a long-lived family business that has weathered several economic downturns, Chris says it’s “being honest and forthright in all my dealings and treating people as they would like to be treated.”

Friendly and easy-going, Chris is a fully factory-trained heating and air conditioning technician in Santa Rosa with a wealth of knowledge about heating and air conditioning. He enjoys educating homeowners about the many available systems so that they can make a knowledgeable decision about the right one for their needs.

Please do not hesitate to call Affordable Heating and Air in Santa Rosa at 707 953-3345 for any of your heating and air conditioning needs. We would be glad to help.