AC Custom Design

AC Custom Design and Duct Work

Do you have a custom designed AC system or are you still the “proud” owner of one of those noisy, dripping, energy sucking window air conditioners? We would love to replace your old air conditioner system for you with a quiet and energy efficient whole-house affordable heating and air conditioning system.

However, you are worried that modifying your forced-air furnace ducts will be costly and just may be inefficient. What would you do if we can proof that installing central air and heat is easier and less costly than you may think.

Custom Designed AC and Duct Work is the Answer in Santa Rosa

Many times standard duct work is not the optimal solution. We commonly find homes and commercial spaces that require custom duct work. Affordable Heating and Air in Santa Rosa is proud to provide custom duct work and sheet metal solutions.

Affordable Heating and Air has an in-house metal shop where we can design the ideal duct configuration for your specific comfort system. Our metal shop will be able to accommodate the specific needs of any replacement or new installation job we perform. This ensures that every comfort system that we install will be optimized for it’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The difference that custom duct work can cause in your home is the difference between a failed solution and one that is money saving, environmentally friendly and more comfortable year round.

Call Affordable Heating and Air in Santa Rosa at (707) 953-3345 and we will be glad to discuss whether any custom duct work is necessary for your home.