Your Air Conditioner in Santa Rosa: 7 Indicators It Needs Help

air conditioning in Santa Rosa leaves this couple comfortableAn air conditioner in Santa Rosa or wherever you live is one of those major expenses you have in your life, along with your house, car and kids. And just as  those other expenses, air conditioning in Santa Rosa is not something you pay for and forget. It is important to realize that you cannot just let your air conditioner take care of itself or you will be in greater debt than if you take care of it.

You need to pay attention to your air conditioner because it provides you with summertime comfort. You want it to keep working in a cost-saving way, best for your pocket and the environment. Therefore, you have to provide care and attention to all areas of this important piece of equipment because having to call an HVAC service to help you for every little problem isn’t cost effective. You can check out many of these issues in order to avoid unnecessary service calls.

Even Air Conditioners in Santa Rosa Age

Most modern air conditioners in Santa Rosa conserve energy by using fuel efficiently and being balanced for the type of home you have as well as for the square footage. When your air conditioner was initially installed, the professionals who performed this task took all of those considerations into account. Problems begin to occur when  your unit is later in its life cycle. Maintenance becomes more important than ever. Problems can be due to age and different conditions that now exist but didn’t before. For example, perhaps you have turned the garage into a spare room upsetting the previous balance.

To be in an optimal shape for an air conditioner in Santa Rosa, it must be monitored and maintained to stay as efficient as possible. This will mean paying attention to many of the little things that can go wrong. Some of these will respond to do it yourself people, like yourself, and some will need the attentions of professionals trained and experienced in HVAC.

A Look at the 7 Indicators That Your Air Conditioner in Santa Rosa Is Starting To Cost More:

  1. The thermostat is not turning the unit on and off. Checking for fresh batteries and ensuring the unit does not contain a lot of dust will assist in troubleshooting this unit.
  2. Do you hear banging, rattling or other noises in the unit? This is a signal to shut it off and call professionals to investigate now before it is too late.
  3. You hear the thermostat ‘tell’ the unit to turn on, however, it does not. The circuit breaker may need your attention or the emergency switches, located on the unit itself may need to be turned back on. Beyond that, air conditioner professional should be consulted.
  4. Your average electric bill is going up. This is a clear indication that energy is being wasted as your unit tries to cool your home. All things being equal, such as doors and windows being properly monitored and someone is not playing around with the cooling settings, your system is probably working too hard.
  5. One of those reasons could be dirty filters or clogged registers or vents.
  6. Another of these many reasons will be leaks in the walls, floors and ceilings allowing warm air to leave and cool air to enter.
  7. Another reason centers around your roof. In the Santa Rosa area of the Golden State, cool air can leave your house through the roof and can be replaced by the warm summer air you are trying to keep out.

Change Your System to a New Air Conditioner System If You Need One

Careful consideration of any of these 7  indicators will assist you in identifying problems with your air conditioner. Understanding your air conditioner in Santa Rosa is vital to making an informed decision about its state  before you make a service call. Then after all that you can do, if you need us at Affordable Heating and Air, we will be out there to help. You can always call  us at 707-953-3345.

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