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What’s a whole house fan and why do I need it in Santa Rosa?

Whole house fans are natural cooling and air ventilation systems that efficiently and effectively pulls hot air out of your home. Unlike the air ventilation systems of old, today’s whole house fans are quiet, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. Modern innovative design has created fans so quiet, you don’t even know they’re on. A flexible, insulated duct system separates the motor from the intake grill, and vibration-reducing features reduce the sound level.

Do I need a whole house fan air ventilation system if I already have air conditioning?

Many people have and use both. On the hottest days, in the heat of the day, they run the air conditioner. In the late afternoon and early evening, when the sun is no longer baking the house, they use the whole house fan system to pull out all the warm, stale air. The ventilation system also pulls heat out of the attic, cooling the house so you can sleep well. Santa Rosa’s temperate climate is well suited for the whole house fan air ventilation system.

The whole house fan air ventilation system is much less expensive to run than an air conditioner. With the cost of electricity going up, this is an important consideration.

  • Cool your home
  • Lower your electric bill
  • Let in fresh air
  • Pull hot air out of the home so you can sleep well at night…

…with a Whole House Fan Ventilation System from Affordable Heating and Air in Santa Rosa.


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