Cost of Furnace Replacement in Santa Rosa: How Much is It?

Do you still remember what the HVAC contractor said last year when he made an emergency repair to your furnace? Yes, it may hold thru this winter but he suggested you replace it before next winter. And now it’s almost a year later and you know you have to act before you have another emergency on your hands. However, that is easier said than done. The most pressing question you need answered first is: The cost of furnace replacement in Santa Rosa: How much is it?

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When considering a new furnace and finding out the cost of furnace replacement in Santa Rosa, a good first step is to discuss your situation with your HVAC contractor. He or she may still recall your repairs and should be able to advise you on the cost for the most effective and efficient furnace replacement in Santa Rosa. All experienced contractors use the Manual J Load formula to calculate what type of furnace is the best furnace for your specific house. The calculation takes in to consideration the number of doors, windows, type of insulation, and other factors to determine the correct size furnace for your home – just installing the largest capacity furnace is not always the best choice or the most energy efficient solution.

The type of fuel your furnace uses is another major factor to consider when selecting a new furnace. Two considerations are:

  • The labor costs to replace your furnace with the same type of furnace will be the least expensive.
  • When changing to a different fuel source it often requires additional electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Now that you are contemplating the replacement of your furnace, here are the most popular furnaces available today:

  1. Gas furnace

Natural gas furnaces are perhaps the most popular because of high energy efficiency. Most are over 90 percent efficient and some are close to 97 percent energy efficient. However, replacing an electric or oil furnace will require additional gas lines and electrical wiring, increasing your initial cost. There are three options for a gas furnace replacement in Santa Rosa.

  • Single-stage furnace – Traditional single-stage furnaces were designed to give you “fast” relieve when your area experiences its coldest weather. When in operation the gas valve is set on wide open and it runs at its fullest capacity. Single-stage furnaces will heat your home quickly, but energy efficiency is not maximized because of heat loss during operation.
  • Two- stage furnaces – As the name indicates, a two-stage furnace has two heating stages, low and high. The lower setting allows the furnace to run at reduced capacity and will heat your home for as long as possible before it needs more power to heat your house to the same temperature as set on the thermostat. It is good to know that, on average, a two-stage furnace runs at high capacity only 25% of the time it is on. This provides quieter operation and greater energy efficiency.
  • Furnace with Variable speed blower motor – The blower motor in variable speed furnaces has the ability to monitor items in your house that restrict airflow and adjust the blower settings to compensate for it. These continuous adjustments help the furnace to run as efficiently as possible – it is estimated that furnaces with variable speed blower motors use up to six times less electricity than a standard blower. This may have a sizable impact on the total cost of furnace replacement.
  1. Oil furnaces

Older homes may still have oil furnaces. The cheap cost of oil made this popular years ago. Most new homes would not use this fuel. You may want to consider changing your fuel source if your home is heated with an oil furnace. Oil furnaces is not an option for furnace replacement in Santa Rosa.

  1. Electric furnace

Installation expenses are low with electric furnaces. Venting is not necessary and no fuel lines are needed. The unit is usually small and safe. These furnaces usually have a long lifespan. The downside is lower efficiency than natural gas furnaces. Your monthly energy costs may increase with an electric system.

  1. Green options

There are other options available for those who are focused on improving the environment. Solar panel and geothermal systems are two of these options. However, the installation costs are usually higher and recouping your initial investment may take many years.

Cost of furnace replacement in Santa Rosa – Facts about furnaces

  • AFUE rating – All furnaces have an AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. This measures the furnace’s ability to convert fuel into heat energy in percentage. The higher number ratings are the most efficient.
  • BTU rating – British thermal unit or BTU rating measures the capacity of a furnace. This should be the correct match for your living space as recommended by a qualified HVAC contractor.

The following chart illustrates the average reported cost of installing a new furnace in the Santa Rosa area:

Area              Average Cost                                       Recorded Cost of Furnace Replacement

National $4906 based on 5,931 cost profiles $3,955-5,857 based on 5,930 cost profiles
California $4513 based on 859 cost profiles $3,760-$5266 based on 859 cost profiles
Santa Rosa, CA $5352 based on 36 cost profiles $4708-$5996 based on 36 cost profiles

Note: The above costs do not include discounts or other arrangements made between the home owner and contractor.

A certified professional HVAC contractor will handle any permits and inspections for your furnace replacement in Santa Rosa. Although modern and energy efficient furnaces are made to last many years it is recommended that you carry out an annual inspection and cleaning of your HVAC equipment as it will extend the lifespan of your furnace and keep the components running smooth all year long.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all the furnace replacement options available as well as the cost of furnace replacement. It will be our pleasure to advise you.

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