Dehumidifier–5 Signs Your Home Thinks It’s a Sponge

Santa Rosa Dehumidifier can reverse problems with mold.Robin had condensation on her door and windows. Her home just had a “smell” that she could not put her finger on. Black spots appeared in her shower and in some corners of the house. She knew this was not something to fool around with and picked up the phone to give me a call. I went over to check her home out right away!

Does your home think it’s a sponge? Are there signs of excess water in your home? Too much humidity in your home is unsightly and unhealthy and should be taken care of quickly. If the problem of too much humidity in your home arises you will need a good Santa Rosa dehumidifier to help remedy the issue.

Do you need a Santa Rosa dehumidifier?

The first step in addressing the issue is to figure out if you even need to take care of the humidity issues in your home. Here are a few sign that you have a problem:

  • Condensation on windows is a good sign that humidity levels are too high in your dwelling. It’s natural for this to occur on occasion but if this is an everyday occurrence then you may have an issue.
  • Mold and mildew spots will show up when your home is too damp. This can occur anywhere but bathrooms and kitchens are prime areas for mold and mildew growth. This not only looks bad but is very unhealthy.
  • That “smell” we mentioned earlier could be a sign of dampness in your home. If your home smells like the earth in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park then you may have an issue with too much humidity in your house.
  • If there are gray and white water marks on the side of your home or in your basement this indicates too much moisture in and around your home. Humidity may be an issue.
  • Sometimes you can’t see the obvious signs of moisture in your home. A thorough inspection of your home may be in order. Moisture can lurk in some out-of-the-way places and may be the cause of issues you can’t put your finger on but suspect are there.

Benefits of installing a Santa Rosa dehumidifier

Santa Rosa Dehumidifier works like this.There are some definite benefits to using the device in your home if moisture is an issue. Let’s take a look at some of the major ones:

  • Mold and mildew are reduced or even eliminated
  • Dwelling looks and smells better
  • Entire living environment will be healthier
  • Skin and nasal passage irritations are reduced
  • Laundry will dry faster
  • Wood in your home will last longer
  • Dusting and general cleaning can be reduced
  • Energy costs will be lower since the dehumidifier will help the air conditioning unit out
  • Electronics in your home will enjoy a longer life (computers, appliances, musical instruments)
  • Food will keep longer (bread won’t go stale; baked goods will keep longer also)

Santa Rosa dehumidifier – You may need one

If you suspect you have a problem with too much humidity in your home don’t hesitate to call me. It’s unsightly and unhealthy and the issue can be helped pretty easily. Don’t jeopardize your health and your home.

Robin called right away and she’s now very happy. She says her home smells like a rose garden and does not feel like the damp hiking trails near Gunsight Rock that she likes to walk on.

So do like Robin did and give me a call. We can take a look at your home to determine if you have humidity issues. Then we can take steps to alleviate the problem with a Santa Rosa dehumidifier. You will have the peace of mind in knowing your home has the proper moisture level. You can reach us at 707-953-3345.


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