Don’t Buy a Gas Furnace Until You Read This!

Do you need a Santa Rosa furnace? Read this first.Have you been told it’s time to replace that old gas furnace? Maybe your furnace is old and you just want to see if you need a new one. Whatever the reason, any reason, give me a call and we will take a look at your old gas furnace. Don’t buy a new unit until you have read this!

“You don’t need a new Santa Rosa furnace right now, ma’am!”

I once fielded a call from a frantic lady who was told she needed a new furnace, at a cost of a few thousand dollars. She had only $412 in the bank. So I went to look at her old unit and check out her entire heating system. Well, her unit was not in the best of shape. It needed a few minor repairs which I took care of. Her bigger problems was with her clogged up and loose duct work and registers. She was losing too much warm air to that. A total check of her present system was done and everything was fixed for a few hundred dollars. We bought her a few more years on the old furnace. She wasn’t ready for a new Santa Rosa furnace.


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Don’t Get Ripped Off – Know The Facts

 Santa Rosa furnace expenses might be unnecessary. Ask us.Before you just decide to buy a new Santa Rosa furnace let’s take a look at a few things you have probably been told about your situation. Many years in the business have taught me a few things, well, many things, and I will share some of these with you now.

  • “It’s just time for a new one” – Don’t just take the contractor’s word for it. Many times a furnace can be repaired for a little money with the proper knowledge and know-how. Why would a company tell you this? Just to try to make money off of you or maybe their technician can’t fix your unit.
  • “We have just the brand you need” – And that brand … just happens to be the one the service company is selling. All furnaces have similar safety features, controls, efficiency and heat exchangers. So only a small percentage of your satisfaction (say 5%) is going to come from the brand. The rest comes for the guy who installed it.
  • “You will save money with a new unit” – That may or may not be true. The better question is “Are you saving all the money you should be saving?” Just sticking a new Santa Rosa furnace in your home does not guarantee savings. A good technician will check your duct work along with your furnace. They will take a look at your entire heating system. Even with a new unit you could be throwing dollars out the window.
  • “This furnace has a great warranty!” – Forget about the warranty on the furnace for the most part. Any reputable manufacturer is going to stand behind their product if something goes wrong. Worry more about the warranty you get from the guy who installed your gas furnace and did any sheet metal or electrical work. Are they going to stand behind their work?


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Your Santa Rosa furnace – Get Competent Help

Maybe you do need a gas furnace. Before you go out and buy one though, let’s look at your old system and see exactly how it looks. That lady in the first part of the story eventually needed a new furnace. Who do you think she bought it from? Give me a call at 707-953-3345 and I will give you best recommendations on what to do with your gas furnace.

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Chris Carpenter has owned Affordable Heating and Air for 25 years. Chris is a fully factory-trained technician with a wealth of knowledge about heating and air conditioning. He enjoys educating homeowners about the pros and cons of each systems so they can make an informed decision when addressing their needs. Chris’s son and business partner, Paul, has been working with him for the last three years and their key to success is “being professional, honest and forthright in all our dealings and treating people as they would like to be treated.” You can reach Chris by calling 707-953-3345 at Affordable Heating and Air.

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