Energy Efficiency and the Thermal Imaging Camera That Could

Do you have areas in your home where it’s too hot or too cold? Is there always an issue keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer? Then you might have issue with air leaks and other problems associated with the general construction of your dwelling.

air conditioner Santa Rosa do you need thermal imaging?

How Do You Know?

How can we tell for sure if you are having these issues? We have a nifty little tool called a  Santa Rosa thermal imaging camera! It’s just a little point-and-click device that I use that gives us a “picture” of what’s going on in your home. A picture truly is worth a thousand words with this little machine. This energy saving Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera can literally save you a lot of energy, and money.


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Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera – What Can It Do?

This little camera can tell us so much about your home and where it is losing energy. There is just no substitute for knowing this information. You can correct many issues and save tons of money if you know what’s going on inside your home. Let’s look at what it can tell us:

  • The Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera will show us the “energy layout” of your home. We will be able to tell by the pictures it shows us where any holes, cracks and crevices are. These are areas where energy loss is greatest and impacts your energy dollars the most.
  • General constructions faults will clearly show when the camera is used. This will allow us to see where holes are in duct work and air registers that allow air to seep in. For instance, you might have air from your attic settling into your home.
  • The camera will also give us a good idea of how what is happening around doors and windows. These are typically area where you can feel drafts so you know you are losing energy here. We can get a great picture of these parts of your home and see exactly what needs to be done to curb energy loss.
  • The roof area the home is an area where massive amounts of energy can be lost. The Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera will allow us to take a look at your entire roof structure to see if there are problem areas. This is easily the best way to see how big an issue your roof is.
  • Humidity can be an issue in your home also. Too much moisture can lead to mold and mildew issues that are not good for you and your family. The Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera can help us identify problems areas and we can then take measures to rectify any issues.
  • We can take a look at all areas of your home and see if you are having issues. Pipes, ceilings, heating and cooling equipment, breaker boxes and more are all areas that could be culprits in energy loss. I can come in and make sure we leave no area untouched when it comes to energy loss.

Energy Saving Heat Imaging – Let’s Just Do It

Look, this little Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera is pretty much rocket science. But it’s good science, maybe even great science. With this one little device I can come into your home and map out where you have energy loss issues.

So, let’s just do it. You could be losing tons of energy, and money! There is no substitute for knowing how your home performs when it comes to energy use. You have too much at stake.

I can come to your home with my Santa Rosa Thermal Imaging Camera. We are going to get high tech and solve your energy loss issues. And I might even let you point-and-click the camera!! Call us today to schedule yours: 707-953-3345.

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