Gas Furnace Replacement In Santa Rosa: Is It Time?

Gas Furnace Replacement In Santa RosaIf you’re not sure you think it might be gas furnace replacement in Santa Rosa time, how can you tell? When does your furnace need replacement? You want to replace it before it fails, needs expensive repairs, causes poor air quality or loses efficiency. In this article, we’ll discuss some signs that your furnace is headed downhill, based on information from the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and industry professionals. This way, you can shop for what you want instead of having to make a quick decision without enough preparation.

As Time Goes By

You know that it is gas furnace replacement in Santa Rosa time by considering the unit’s age. Today’s home furnace average life expectancy is typically 16-20 years. You should start shopping before that time so your replacement is a planned event before an emergency prevents you from researching features and reviews. Taking time allows you to make the best choice. If you’re not sure of your unit’s age and the unit has a pilot light, it was probably built before 1990.

When you’re considering gas furnace replacement in Santa Rosa, time is an important part of deciding when to make the change. Much like cars, aging furnaces can be very expensive to repair as more components begin to fail, with the most breakdowns during the last couple years of use. How long did you have to wait for parts to take care of your last repair? Long wait times are a sign that parts are going out of production, extending repair time and cost.

Efficiency is Lagging

Even though utility rates are rising in general, your bills may be increasing for a different reason. Here are some:

  • As they get older, furnaces lose efficiency, especially when regular maintenance hasn’t been performed. Your furnace has to run longer while heating your home to the same temperature.
  • Uneven temperatures are also a sign of an aging furnace.
  • You can adjust some rooms to be warmer or cooler than others by adjusting your vents or thermostat zones. However, if you’re getting hot and cold spots that you did not intend or are constantly adjusting your thermostat, it could be a sign that your furnace is no longer able to distribute the heat evenly throughout your home.
  • Your burner’s flame color can be an additional indicator. A yellow flame or excessive flickering means your furnace may be releasing carbon monoxide, creating a dangerous situation in your home.

Further indicators include soot streaks around the furnace, no upward chimney draft, condensation on windows, walls or other cool surfaces, rusting of flue pipes and appliance jacks, water leakage at the chimney, vent or flue pipe’s base, and rust on the vent pipe outside the home.

Something isn’t Right

Maybe something just isn’t right. Your furnace is making unusual noises, the furnace blower runs or cycles excessively, or it blows cold air. These are all signs that your furnace may need replacing instead of one more repair.

What about your health? As furnaces age, they develop cracks, leaking carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include headaches, burning nose or eyes, nausea, disorientation or flu-like symptoms. If you have these symptoms, get out immediately! Shut down your furnace, open a few windows and call your gas company. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills about 500 people and sends an additional 15,000 to the emergency room every year.

Dry conditions and excessive allergies can also be a sign of furnace problems, as it loses its ability to clean and moisturize your home’s air. It can also make the air feel stale or stuffy, promote dust accumulation, increase static electricity shocks, cause drooping plants, make furniture develop cracks and musical instruments go out of tune.

So if you tally up these factors and think it’s time for a gas furnace repair in Santa Rosa, call us at Affordable Heating and Air. We would be happy to discuss your options with you before you have trouble. Our number is 707-953-3345.

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