HVAC Contractors in Santa Rosa and Your Digital Thermostat

HVAC Contractors in Santa Rosa and Your digital thermostat could be the answer to a heater problem.When Gayle’s heater wouldn’t come on and the night temperature here in Santa Rosa dipped into the 30s for a few days, Gayle called me and spoke to me while holding a crying baby. She was frantic, cold and very worried about keeping the kids warm, especially her 7-month old daughter. She said she was keeping the baby inside several layers of Gayle’s sweaters in the baby sling. I could tell that the the baby was not happy.

As one of the HVAC contractors in Santa Rosa, I was glad to help. I rescheduled an appointment and headed to Gayle’s home. Her problem turned out easy to fix. The batteries in her digital thermostat were almost dead and it could not tell the heating system when to fire up. With some new batteries I had Gayle and the kids comfortable while the baby happily played on the floor.

HVAC Contractors in Santa Rosa have seen all kinds of digital thermostat problems

This little episode got me to thinking. In my many years as an HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa I have seen it all when it comes to digital thermostat problems. Let’s take a look at a few things that can go wrong with your thermostat and give you problems:

  • Power – One of the most embarrassing situations for a homeowner is to call me for what seems to be a thermostat issue and all that was wrong was your breaker tripped off for some reason. Or all the unit needed was batteries!! If your unit won’t turn on, check these two areas first. You might save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Location – Sometimes the thermostat is just in the wrong place. It might be in an area where lamps or another heat source is affecting it. There could also be drafts or other things that make it read colder. Both of these can affect your thermostat. We can do a thermal imaging scan to find the best place to put the thermostat.
  • Dirt and grime – One of the biggest issues with digital equipment, including thermostats, is that they are very sensitive. It does not take much dirt or any type of small debris to affect your thermostat. Even small specks of dust can affect thermostat operation.
  • Loose wires – Since your thermostat is digital there will be wires associated with the unit. Wires can get loose and cause the thermostat to malfunction. On occasion a wire can break or just pull away from the lug it was screwed to. These will also cause the thermostat to be faulty.
  • Calibration – At times your thermostat may not be reading your indoor temperature correctly. The calibration shifts for some reason. This makes your thermostat give your heating and cooling system faulty commands.
  • Level – The thermostat may not be level. The screws holding the unit to the wall may work loose over time. This could cause the unit to lean too far in one direction or cause some other compromising operation.
  • Transformer – If there isn’t anything apparently wrong with the thermostat, it could be that the transformer associated with the unit is the problem. Since the transformer is an integral part of the system it may not operate properly.

Digital Thermostat Problems – It might be time to make the call your HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa

A digital thermostat is a complex and sensitive piece of equipment. You can try DIY if you’re having problems with your unit. Sometimes you can save the price of a service call. Other times your thermostat is beyond your expertise to troubleshoot and you are going to need an HVAC technician to come help.

In Gayle’s case the problem was simple, but not all thermostat problems are. So if you are having digital thermostat problems, don’t hesitate to call me for help. I am as close as a phone call for you. Our number is 707-953-3345.

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