HVAC Santa Rosa: Check-up for Your Heater Before Spring

This complicated heater is why you need a professional doing your heater repair.Miss Palmer learned the hard way. So did Mrs. Smith. Their heaters worked hard for the winter and after the cold was over neither unit was checked. When it was time to start the heater for the next cold season both had issues.

Gas Heater Repair – Two Stories

Miss Palmer’s unit was putting out carbon monoxide in large amounts. Luckily she had a monitor to warn her of it. Her home heater repair was straightforward. She needed a new unit! Had we looked at the unit the season before we might have been able to buy her another year or two.

Mrs. Smith’s HVAC repair was more involved. Her unit was fixable, but it cost her around a thousand dollars, money that could have been saved in all probability if she had the unit serviced when it was put to rest the season before.

Heater Repair and Air Conditioning Maintenance – After the Cold Season

Many people think of having maintenance performed on their heater repair and air conditioning units checked before the season in which they are used. Not many people think of having work done after the season. After the cold weather season, when your heater has done its job for the winter, is the time to have it looked at to take care of any needed heater repair.

Electric heater repair troubleshooting and gas heater repair are wise investments after the cold season. Using your heating unit puts much wear and tear on it. Keeping it in top shape for the coming cold season helps prevent costly heater repair from being needed later on.

What Needs to Be Done?

1) The end of the season heating and air conditioning maintenance routine involves the same kind of checking that is done before the season. There is simply no substitute for proper and regular maintenance.

2) Filters should be checked. To get the unit ready for the summer season they should probably be changed. The system’s filter is responsible for more problems and issues than any other part of the unit most of the time.

3) The gas supply should be checked closely. Cracks and open valves can let gas loose into the house. If the heating unit is an electric one wires and connections should be looked at.

4) The entire system should be checked for cracks. Older units are especially prone to leaks and cracks which can let out carbon monoxide. Belts and blowers should be inspected to make sure they did not become defective during use.

To be safe after a season of heater use, whether your unit is gas or electric, it’s just best to have it looked at by a professional. There are so many things that can go wrong and so many things need to be looked at that to insure your safety and security just give me a call and we can go over your system piece by piece.

What Can My Inspection Do For You?

Here are some benefits of having your system looked at and taking care of any heater repair needed:

  • Identify and fixes smaller problems before they become larger issues
  • Catch potentially catastrophic system failures like cracks that emit carbon monoxide
  • Have your system up and ready to run for the next cold weather season
  • Gives you the peace of mind in knowing your system has been checked out and given the green light for the coming year or getting those repairs done at that time

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance – After the Season

This is easy! Don’t do like Miss Palmer and Mrs. Smith. Give me a call and let me take care of your furnace maintenance after the season. Your unit will perform up to par and you will sleep better. Our number is 707-953-3345.

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