HVAC Santa Rosa: How Indoor Air Quality Can Tame Seasonal Allergies

In our consumption conscious world, many people here in Santa Rosa, and the rest of the country, have taken to sealing their homes up tight to lessen their impact on the environment and reduce their utility bills. While a well-sealed home may be better for the health of the Earth as a whole, if the indoor air quality is not properly maintained it can have a negative effect of those who live in the home.

Poor indoor air quality can be bad for allergies.This is particularly true for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. It seems like a tightly sealed home with few air leaks would be a good way to reduce the suffering for those with seasonal allergies. That is not always the case. If steps are not taken to remove allergens from the indoor air then those with allergies are simply sealing the problem in with them.

However, there are things you can do to improve your indoor air quality.In doing so, the quality of life of those who live there. Like most things in life, it is preferable to remove the source of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms it causes. Removing the seasonal allergens from your home’s air requires and effective and well maintained air filtration system.

Air Filtration Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air filtration systems work by trapping and removing particles from your home’s air. By far the most commonly used home air filtration systems used to improve indoor air quality are those that use an actual filter. These are usually placed in the home’s duct system and work by filtering the allergens out of the air before they can be circulated through your home.

The effectiveness of these systems depends on the quality of the filters being used and how well they are maintained. The filters themselves range from those that only filter large particles like dust to HEPA filters that can filter out even very small particles like paint fumes and smoke. Once installed, the air filters must be changed regularly to maintain their effectiveness and prevent damage to your HVAC system.

Poor indoor air quality in your home can also be cleared of allergens by use of a magnetic filtering system. In these systems, air is exposed to electricity which gives the particles contained in it a magnetic charge. The air then passes over a metal plate and the charged particles are drawn to it. These systems are very effective and require less maintenance. However, they do require electricity to function and release small amounts of ozone into your home.

Air Purifiers

Another way to rid your home of allergens and other irritants is through the use of air purifiers. Instead of filtering particles out of the air to improve your indoor air quality, these systems use either heat or ultraviolet light to sterilize the air. Although highly effective, these systems are expensive to install and maintain. They are most commonly used in hospitals and biomedical facilities.

Unless there are specific medical concerns, some homeowners find that the cost of an air purifying system is not warranted. An effective and well maintained air filtration system can drastically improve indoor air quality and create a safe haven for the seasonal allergy sufferers that reside there.

To find out more about air filtration or purification and to find out which system would best suit your particular needs, contact us at Affordable Heating and Air. Our family owned business has been keeping the people of Santa Rosa, and the surrounding areas, comfortable in their homes for over 25 years and look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.

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