Local Santa Rosa HVAC Contractor Offers the Top 6 Reasons to Winterize Your Home

Local Santa Rosa HVAC contractorThe forecast has winter arriving sooner than expected this year, so now would be a good time to take a look at winterizing your home. You local Santa Rosa HVAC contractor is a great contact for doing this, but there are also some things you can do on your own to start seeing savings on your energy bills and remain comfortable.

Your local Santa Rosa HVAC contractor offers you the top 6 reasons to winterize your home before the cold months happen.

1. Save Money

A walk through your house can easily identify problem areas where you are losing heat. Keep a damp rag handy and check all of your windows and doors for breezes. Keeping your hand allows it to be more sensitive to temperature differences, and you will be able to identify areas where heat is escaping. Caulk up any cracks or holes you find.

2. Carbon monoxide safety

Have your furnace and any other fuel burning appliances cleaned and serviced before winter sets in, as a CO leak in the home can be dangerous. Residue in burners can clog and emit unsafe levels of the gas, making it hazardous for your family to breathe in. You can also install a CO monitor as well for added safety to alert you if an issue occurs. If you already have CO detectors, take a moment and replace their batteries for optimum performance.

3. Protect against burst pipes

One single cold snap at the right temperature can cause pipes to freeze, and then you’re faced with the added expense of cleaning up. Prevent burst pipes during the winter by helping water to keep moving through them with insulation. You can check with your local Santa Rosa HVAC contractor for advice, and pick up insulation manufactured specifically for pipes at your local plumbing supply store. For those who wish added protection, you can install a freeze alarm that works in conjunction with your thermostat. If the temperatures get too cold in the house, an alarm sounds.

4. Prevent ice dams on your roof

Before the cold weather sets in, check the health of your roof and gutters. Weak shingling can allow water to enter the roof and then freeze, causing more damage. Hire a local Santa Rosa contractor, or do it yourself – either way, replace bad shingles before winter arrives.

Take a moment also to clean out the gutters and ensure they are emptying water at least 10 feet from the house. Clogged gutters can cause a mess by diverting water where it shouldn’t be, causing damage to your roof and foundation. Use a high pressure hose after the inspection to clear away obstacles, or hire someone to do it for you.

5. Fire safety

If you have a wood stove or fireplace that is used during the colder months, now is the time for a good cleaning. Chimney sweeps can set up and be finished before you know it, and you won’t have to worry about creosote build up catch fire. Have your cleaner check for debris around the vent while they’re at it as well – a clogged flue reduces air flow, and fires can spread more quickly under these conditions.

Just as with the CO2 detectors, use this time to also check the battery life of your smoke detectors. Cold weather brings the possibility for house fires, and having an alarm that’s not working is like not having one at all. If the batteries seem questionable, don’t hesitate – replace immediately.

6. Proper lighting

Last but not least, replace exterior bulbs to prevent a blackout on pathways and driveways. Being able to see ice helps prevent falls and stumbles.

If you would like more information on winterizing your home, consult our Prepare for Winter report or call your local Santa Rosa HVAC contractor – Affordable Heating and Air – at 707-953-3345. We are here to answer questions or help you be proactive about winter weather.


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