Santa Rosa HVAC Contractor Identifies 5 Furnace Repair Questions

Santa Rosa HVAC Contractor Identifies 5 furnace questionsJanet lived in a 15 year-old home with her two teenagers. When the electric company showed her that she was paying more this fall compared to last fall, Janet called the electric company. They told her that the increase could be because her furnace was working too hard for some reason.

Janet gave me a call and asked me some of the common questions that I often get asked. Her first one was how could she lower her electric bill.

You, too, have many questions about furnace repair and today your Santa Rosa HVAC contractor identifies 5 furnace repair questions that I am going to answer. Since I get asked many questions during the day. So I have picked out a few of them to answer. I know you have many more questions, but for right now I am going to focus on 5 of the most common.

1. Your Santa Rosa HVAC Contractor identified this Furnace Repair Question as the most asked question: How can I reduce our energy costs?

Since it winter, we have you some good suggestions to this questions about heating savings.

  • Upgrade: A new high efficiency furnace uses up to 50% less fuel than an older one. That will cut your heating bill up to 24% over what you paid before. Soon the savings will pay for the new equipment. You can pick models that have energy efficient motors and save between 20-50% of the energy needed to operate your fan continuously.
  • Seasonal maintenance: Have I convinced you yet about the importance of having preventative maintenance done by a licensed technician will keep your equipment in share and catch any possible breakdowns before they become very expensive breakdowns.
  • Programmable thermostat: Using a programmable thermostat can allow you to control your home temperature

2. What is the average life expectancy of HVAC equipment?

Most systems have a lifetime expectancy of from 10 to 20 years, but as yours ages, it will become less efficient. Your unit might start getting louder or need repairs more often. When your system starts having more problems, you can do one of two things. You can do a major system overhaul or get a new one. Technology improves all the time and your old system is like an electric typewriter. A new unit that is designed with the latest energy efficient technology is preferable especially when your system is 10 years old or older. Your Santa Rosa HVAC contractor identifies this Furnace Repair Question as number 2 and would be glad to give you an estimate on a new unit and show you how it will pay you back with less energy usage.

3. How often should I change my air filter?

I cannot answer this question enough. You need to replace your air filter on a regular basis. The first of the month is a good schedule. Dirty filters reduce the amount of air flow and make the furnace work harder to maintain the temperature you have selected. Some people can change the filter less often, but that is if they don’t have any pets and if they have smaller furnaces. I tell people that changing it more often is better.

4. Our family have allergies very bad in the winter. How can I improve the air quality in our house?

If you have a high efficiency air cleaner, you can removed as much as 99% of the pollen and spores that enter your house every time you open the door. You will also have a reduction of dirt, smoke, household dust and other air pollutants. With the air cleaner your indoor air becomes cleaner and fresher and removed all the allergens and human skin dust that circulate through the house. Another alternative is a whole house humidifier to relieve sore throats, itchy skin, and annoying static electricity. The humidifier will prevent damage to your furniture. Because humid air feels warmer than dry air, you can set your thermostat a few degrees lower and still be comfortable. And the lower thermostat reading reduces the cost of your energy bill.How often should

5. Our older house tested positive for mold. What should we do?

I just told you that humidity is a good thing to have in your home. Now I am going to say just the opposite. Humid air that passes over chilled cooling coils causing water to condense and drip through the coils into the collection pan. This is supposed to drain, but at times the draining process becomes backed up. When this happens you have a science project on how mold can grow in your home without your knowledge. Mold can make you and your family very ill. Not only does it exist in the cooling area, it can get into the duct work with those tiny little spores and continuously blow contaminants all over your home.

What can you do about this? We have had several articles in this blog about preventative maintenance. Part of the process when we come inspect your HVAC equipment is to make sure the indoor coil is clean and the drain drains.

In your case you  need to have your Santa Rosa HVAC contractor clean your ductwork and then you will want to use a high efficiency filter to keep your system clean until our next seasonal inspection.


These are just some of the most common questions I get. If your question was not in this list, please call us at 707-953-3345 and we will answer your question for you.

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