Santa Rosa HVAC Contractors and the Hybrid Heating and Air System

Santa Rosa HVAC contractors recomment a hybrid heating systemWhether you live in Santa Rosa or some other locale, reducing your home’s carbon footprint is a major factor since your heating and air system are definitely pollutants. One way you can do this is by exchanging your current heating and air system for a environmentally friendly Hybrid heating and air system, according to Santa Rosa HVAC contractors.

Why? Hybrid heating and air systems combine two heating and air sources in one, much like a hybrid car uses more than one system.You will see all sorts of benefits if you choose this route.

Not only is this a better way, it is a more economical way the same way hybrid cars get better gas mileage.

Santa Rosa HVAC Contractors Explain How Hybrid Systems Work

The idea behind a hybrid system is simple. This leading-edge technology will give your home an enhanced comfort experience.

An electric heat pump extracts ambient heat in the air to warm you home during all of  Santa Rosa’s mild seasons. In the very cool winter time when the temperatures drop close to freezing, it becomes more economical to use fossil fuel, generally natural gas or heating oil, to heat your home using your furnace. The hybrid system switches between the two automatically.

In summer, the heat pump works as an air conditioner, pulling heat out of your home and releasing it outdoors. The variable speed blower motor helps control humidity and circulates cooled air more evenly throughout your home. The flexibility of a hybrid system leads to efficiency and maximum comfort throughout the year.

The energy efficiency of a heating and air hybrid system can help you save money year round. Due to the fact that the system has a heat pump, in the spring and Santa Rosa cool days of summer it can reverse its operation and provide your home with cool air. You get the best of both worlds with one system.

Benefits of Hybrid Systems, Say Santa Rosa HVAC Contractors

There are many definite advantages to using a hybrid system. Some of them are:

  • Options for air filtration, humidification and dehumidification
  • Easily adjustable to meet your comfort needs
  • Unmatched energy efficiency
  • Flexibility of using two fuel sources, giving you the option to choose which one is more economical
  • Large energy, and money, savings
  • System can be tailored to your needs

As you can see there are many benefits to using a Hybrid heating and air system. The flexibility of the system and the energy savings along make it worth looking into.

Control of the Hybrid Heating and Air System

Santa Rosa HVAC Contractors can help your family be comfortable and save money tooWorking with your Santa Rosa HVAC Contractor you will be able to set a balance point that will automatically switch the operation of our system from heat pump to furnace. As conditions and utility rates change in your area the balance point can be changed to ensure optimal operation of your unit. And the same with the change in the summer.

To get even more efficiency out of the system it is fully programmable. Most Santa Rosa HVAC contractors recommend a weekly programming schedule custom-fitted to match you and your family’s lifestyle.

Being able to fully control the system is what makes hybrid heating and air systems so attractive. Combined with energy savings and efficiency you can’t go wrong with this system.

Always the bottom line: How Much Can I Save?

The experience for each person will be different using hybrid heating and air systems. So the savings realized for an individual will vary from home to home. But the fact of the matter is … there are real saving involved with using a hybrid system.

A typical household can save in the hundreds of dollars per year using hybrid heating and air systems. For example, in Texas with its erratic weather an average projection is that you can save around $500 per year or possibly just a little more. The savings add up quickly and will help pay for the system over time. The savings will be greater in Santa Rosa’s climate.


Santa Rosa HVAC Contractors suggest that a heating and air hybrid systems are dual-fuel systems is capable of heating or cooling your home with either electricity or fossil fuels. You get the ultimate energy efficiency and comfort with the system.

If you are concerned about rising energy costs and being a good steward of our environment, a hybrid heating and air energy system is something to look into. Your family will enjoy the enhanced comfort these units provide and your pocketbook will thank you for the energy savings.

Learn more about having a Santa Rosa heating and air hybrid system in your home by contacting us at Affordable Heating and Air at 707-953-3345.

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