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Schedule HVAC Maintenance. | Furnace Repair in Santa RosaMary and Steve are struggling to stay in their new home, pay for school loans, and take care of the children. They felt like they could not afford regular maintenance on their AC and furnace. While their house was new to them, it was an older home with aging HVAC equipment. When their furnace died on them right after Thanksgiving, they gave me a call. A problem that could have easily been fixed if we had done seasonal maintenance had escalated into a major bill. We worked out financing, but I know that Mary and Steve will not make that mistake again.

Despite the pleasant weather we have been experiencing, our cold season is upon us. As our temperatures dip into the low 40 degrees or below at night, our homes are going to be uncomfortably cool at night unless we turn on the furnace. Since our cold season lasts from November 25 through February 12, we want to be prepared.

The North Wind Doth Blow

As winter weather sets in your thoughts begin to turn on your furnaces. Homeowners, who have probably neglected the condition and maintenance of their furnace over summer, are discovering unnatural sounds and strange odors. You may even discover that your furnace is not working. For these owners these issues tell them that it’s time for a much needed HVAC furnace repair in Santa Rosa.

In order to avoid trouble you need to schedule HVAC maintenance done regularly and address problems quickly. Here are a few things you should know about scheduling HVAC maintenance to prevent costly furnace repair in Santa Rosa.

Avoid HVAC Contractor Furnace Repair in Santa Rosa

For those homeowners that schedule HVAC maintenance in Santa Rosa the approaching cold will be no problem. However, there is one thing that many homeowners fail to realize as winter comes in and air conditioners shut off — now your AC is now in danger of neglect. As the saying goes, “out of sight out of mind”. If you are not using it, you tend to forget about it. It is important to remember that just as furnace maintenance is important at the beginning of fall, so too are AC maintenance and repairs.

You Will Need an Expert You Can Trust

When trouble arises, check the list I suggested in Santa Rosa Furnace Repair: 5 Trouble Shooting Tips. If you determine this is a serious problem, please don’t try to handle it yourself since you may only cause further damage. As HVAC furnace repair technicians in Santa Rosa with 25 years of experience we can handle any problem. When you choose an expert with experience and a great reputation, you will be amazed at how easily your furnace repairs will go. By having an expert maintain your unit, you will know that all parts and are being serviced as needed, replacements are being addressed, and proper cleaning is being done regularly.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance — Avoid the Risk of Major Furnace Repair in Santa Rosa

With regular maintenance and inspections a problem can be pin-pointed before it gets out of hand. This is important since a problem can go unnoticed for months when the unit is not in use. A unit that is left alone during the heat of summer or through the chill of winter without proper care can become expensive as Mary and Steve found out. Regular maintenance visits can help prevent an emergency AC or HVAC furnace repair in Santa Rosa, as we will continually check your unit for signs of leaks or broken pieces.

You Will Have Peace of Mind Knowing All is Well

If a unit is maintained, parts last as long as possible. This saves you money on replacement parts.

Also, a clean unit runs more efficiently saving you money on your utility bills. You will be able to rest easy knowing that in the event of a quick temperature change, your entire unit is running as well as it should.

You Want to Handle Problems Right Away

As it is with your car, don’t put off a problem that needs to be addressed. This can cause more damage and increase the costs of repair. Once you notice and have identified the problem, contact us to have your HVAC furnace repair in Santa Rosa done as soon as possible.

You can help us by ensuring that the unit is ready for repair, if repair is needed.

Make sure that the furnace has cooled down completely beforehand. This will allow us to work quickly and efficiently without the fear of getting burned or more seriously injured.

Keep in mind that your heating and cooling needs for your home can change quickly. So, as the cold season approaches be sure that your unit is ready. Remember that the one sure way to avoid unwanted repairs on both your furnace and AC is to have a trained professional service these units regularly. You work hard to maintain your home, make sure it takes care of you.

Be sure to schedule HVAC maintenance for both your AC unit and your furnace before you end up needing major repairs or replacement by calling us at Affordable Heating and Air at 707-953-3345.

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