How to Select the Best HVAC Contractor in Santa Rosa Part 2

Select the Best HVAC Contractor for Heating and Cooling in Santa RosaThe next step in our discussion on how to select the best HVAC contractor for your heating and cooling needs here in Santa Rosa is to interview some HVAC contractors in Santa Rosa over the phone and ask them questions you have prepared.

You’ll get better results if you write down your questions and keep a record of the answers you get from each of the heating and cooling specialists you interview.

Not sure what to ask?

Here are some questions you might ask contractors over the phone to select the best HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa:

  • Are you a licensed heating and cooling contractor in Santa Rosa?
  • What is your state license number?
  • Do you have liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Are all of your employees covered by your insurance while they’re working in my home?
  • Are you and your employees certified by the EPA to handle Freon refrigerant gas? (This is a legal requirement in the state of California.)
  • What is your specific experience with new HVAC installations?
  • I live in _____ (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Sonoma, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, West County, etc.). Do you charge for local estimates?
  • If I live in a smaller town such as Bodega, Penngrove, Fulton or Sebastopol or in rural West County, will there be an additional service charge to come to my house?
  • How do you determine the correct heating and cooling system size? Do you use computerized sizing calculations to ensure my home heating and cooling system is the right size and is doing its job?
  • Does this HVAC installation or repairs require a permit? If so, will you get the permit, or will I have to get it?
  • Is there a specific HVAC system brand you recommend if I need to get a new system?
  • How long has the manufacturer been making the furnaces and air conditioners you install? (A lifetime warranty is worthless if the manufacturer goes out of business.)
  • Are you authorized by the manufacturer to install new HVAC systems (such as a Certified Installer of the brands they sell)? Remember: Installation by unapproved contractors could void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • What guarantees and warranties do you offer on your workmanship and on the air conditioners and heaters?
  • How long have you been an HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa?

Since the point of this initial phone interview is to help you select the best HVAC contractor for your heating and cooling repair or replacement, don’t feel obligated to set an appointment for an in-home estimate if you weren’t impressed with your initial contact with the HVAC company. If the local heating and cooling contractors you’ve talked with don’t meet your expectations or can’t answer your questions about your air conditioner or furnace repair or replacement satisfactorily, it’s your right to end the conversation and move on to the next high-quality HVAC contractor on your list.

Questions to ask heating, cooling and ventilation contractors in person

Once you have narrowed down your search for an HVAC contractor over the phone, it’s time to visit with each in person so that you are able to select the right HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa for your system’s repair or replacement.

Here are some sample questions you might want to use:

  • Do you also recommend new heating and air conditioning ducts, or will the existing ducts work with my new heating and cooling system?
  • How much time will the HVAC job take, from measuring my home and ordering the parts to repair or replace the heating and cooling system to job completion?
  • Will my refurbished or new heating, cooling and ventilation system make my home more comfortable and reduce my electric bills?
  • Do you have any recent projects in my area of Santa Rosa where I can see a completed HVAC repair or installation, and talk with the homeowners?
  • Do you have customer references I can call?
  • How would I handle any future service issues? Are you responsible for warranty work if there’s ever a problem with my new HVAC system?
  • What can I do to make the heater and cooling repair or purchase and installation process easier?
  • Do you arrange financing?
  • Do you have a refund policy if I am not satisfied?

Before you make your final decision, check the references you have been given and then get 3 written estimates for the work.

These include:

  • What is being done?
  • What equipment will be provided?
  • When instillation will begin and be completed?
  • What is included in the price and be sure it includes labor.

Also consider the cost of operating the system as well as the initial cost. You might want to negotiate with the 3 best HVAC contractors based on the information from their quotes. This is not a one-day process. So please take your time, ask questions and learn all you can.

Having done your due diligence, it’s time to select the right HVAC contractor for system repair or replacement in Santa Rosa who meets your needs and expectations. Be sure to add Affordable Heating and Air to your list. You will find we have all the right answers to help you select the best HVAC contractor in Santa Rosa.

Call us at Affordable Heating and Air  to give you an estimate at  707-953-3345.


Special thanks to Diamond Certified HVAC web page Find Local Companies Rated Highest in Quality for the most complete set of questions.

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