A.C. Repair–When to Call HVAC 911

It’s important to routinely inspect your air conditioning unit to make sure there aren’t dirt and debris blocking the vents and that you remember to change the air filter as needed to prevent dirt from clogging the intake. Even when you have checked off all of the usual maintenance steps to keep the air conditioner operating at its best, there can still be problems. You need to know the signs that indicate it’s time to put in a 911 to your heating and air conditioning company for them to come repair your ailing A.C.

About Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter has owned Affordable Heating and Air for 25 years. Chris is a fully factory-trained technician with a wealth of knowledge about heating and air conditioning. He enjoys educating homeowners about the pros and cons of each systems so they can make an informed decision when addressing their needs. Chris’s son and business partner, Paul, has been working with him for the last three years and their key to success is “being professional, honest and forthright in all our dealings and treating people as they would like to be treated.” You can reach Chris by calling 707-953-3345 at Affordable Heating and Air.

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