Top 5 Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Pay attention to what your furnace is telling you.I know that a furnace is not the easiest thing to understand. But I also know that when it gets cold, you don’t want to do without it. If yours goes on the blink, before you call me, try one of these 5 tips. You might get your unit back up and running again without having to paying an unnecessary repair bill.

5 Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Listed below are some common issues and things you can try to get your furnace operating normally and pushing out warm air:

  1. Noise – If your furnace is making noise, that’s generally not a good sign. If an access panel is loose, you can easily tighten the screws and get rid of the noise. It could be the blower or belt also. If you think you can’t fix this, it might be better to pick up the phone and just call me.
  2. Turns on and off repeatedly – This is not only a heating issue but one that will aggravate you greatly. Try changing the filter. If this is not the problem, it could be a dry motor or blower. You can lubricate them. Check your owner’s manual for the location to put the oil and for the type of oil to use.
  3. Pilot light issues – If your unit has a pilot light, it has to stay lit for the furnace to operate. The opening might be blocked and that can be easily cleaned. Or the gas might be turned off. You can also check and replace the thermocouple if need be.
  4. Label all circuit breakers to know which one your furnace is on.Power – This is one of the most embarrassing issues for a homeowner. I don’t know how many times I have gone to check on a heating system only to find the breaker has tripped! Ten minutes to get your unit going, a service charge and I am out of your hair. So if your unit does not start check the breaker or for blown fuses if it’s an electric unit. For a gas unit, check the gas valve. It just might be closed. If you think it’s motor overload, turn the system off for about half an hour then turn it back on.
  5. Not enough heat – This is another common problem that is pretty easy to fix. When your system does not put out enough heat there are several things to check. First, check the thermostat. You may have to raise the setting. If that does not seem to be the issue, check your filter. It may need to be replaced. There could also be a problem with the blower and registers or even a dirty burner or broken belt. These are not easy fixes and it might be better to call me for help.


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You Need Your Furnace

When it gets cold you need your heating system; however, at times it can give you a headache. If it does, try the tips listed above first before calling for help.

These may save you a service call and repair bill. If you can’t do any of these are or not sure what to do — don’t fret. Just pick up the phone and call me. I will be there in a hurry!

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