Ultimate List on When to Call for A.C. Repair in Santa Rosa

When do you need to call for A.C. repair in Santa Rosa

Mike and his family have lived in their Santa Rosa home for 20 years. He has always taken very good care of his air conditioner, getting it serviced before summer and when it got cool enough in the fall to turn it off.

He as certain that he wouldn’t have a problem, but one blazing hot summer day the A.C. quit. It seized up on him and he knew it was time to call for A.C. repair here in Santa Rosa. He called me after he turned it off and asked if I could get there quickly because his wife and kids were threatening to stay at a motel if I couldn’t get it working.

It was not an easy quick fix, I’m afraid, so the family had to stay at the motel for a few days until I could install a new unit. The old one lasted for 20 years because of Mike’s good care, but machines don’t last forever.

Has your A.C. unit stopped cooling, makes weird sounds or smells funny? If so, you are in for an A.C. repair  in Santa Rosa.

I am not sure you remember the summer of 1972, but the temperature hit 110 degrees one day. If it happened once, it can happen again and a summer with temperatures like that would be hotter than . . . well, you know what I mean. Plus you know all about the earth’s temperature rising.

If your A.C. quits working on the hottest day of the summer, you’ll probably be spouting a few choice words. That’s why it’s important to routinely inspect your air conditioning unit to make sure there aren’t dirt and debris blocking the vents and that you remember to change the air filter as needed to prevent dirt from clogging the intake.

Even when you have checked off all the usual maintenance steps to keep the air conditioner operating at its best, there can still be problems like the one that struck Mike and his family. You, too, need to know the signs that indicate it’s time call for A.C. repair in Santa Rosa or wherever you live.

Lack of Cool Air — You Need A.C. Repair in Santa Rosa

Is the air conditioner cooling your home like it is supposed to? This could be a sign of a failed compressor. You definitely need to contact an HVAC specialist for A.C. repair as soon as possible to determine if this is a problem with the compressor or it just that the system is low on freon, which also requires your expert to repair.

Moisture — You Need A.C. Repair in Santa Rosa

If you notice moisture or leaks around the A.C. unit, you should contact someone knowledgeable in A.C. repair to make sure that the refrigerant, freon, isn’t leaking.

When there is leaking freon, it can pose a serious health risk for your family, so you need it repaired immediately. Is tastes sweet and can kill pets who drink it. If the kids play around the unit, they could accidentally get it on themselves.

You should also call for A.C. repair if water puddles under the air conditioner. Water puddling may be an indication of a blockage in the drain tube. This type of problem can be fixed rather quickly, but if you delay repairs it may cause the growth of mold and mildew, more health risks themselves and it also corrode your air conditioner housing.

Unusual Noises — You Need A.C. Repair in Santa Rosa

It is common to hear sounds from the air conditioner, such as when it kicks on. However, if you notice unusual sounds such as a grinding, squealing or grating noise, any of these could indicate a number of different problems.

  • In some situations a squealing noise may be coming from a broken or loose belt, which can be quickly repaired by an air conditioning repair company.
  • Squealing sounds could be a sign that the one or more of the metal components need lubrication.
  • A grinding noise can come from broken bearings in the motor. If you hear that grinding noise, turn the air conditioner off and contact an A.C. repair company immediately.

Bad Odors — You Need A.C. Repair in Santa Rosa

No odor should come from the air conditioning unit or when the fan is blowing. If you notice a foul or pungent smell, it may be from worn out wire insulation, which can pose an electrical danger to your family.

First turn off the air conditioner and then contact a professional HVAC company to inspect the unit.

  • If you smell a musty odor, it typically means there is mold or mildew inside the air conditioning unit and/or the ductwork.
  • If there is mold, do not attempt to remove it alone because this poses a significant health risk. This is another case where you need a professional A.C. repair company.

One of the easiest ways to prevent unexpected breakdowns or repair costs is to schedule a routine maintenance and service appointment with your local HVAC company.

During a routine maintenance and service inspection, the technician will conduct a visual inspection of all A.C. components, do a full system performance test, check for leaks and check the air filter. In most cases if there are any problems the technician will be able to make the necessary A.C. repairs, preventing possible damage and the risk of the air conditioner completely breaking down. However, as Mike and his family discovered, machines break down.

If you have any question or need to make an A.C. repair call here in Santa Rosa, you can always call us at  Affordable Heating and Air at 707-953-3345.

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