Why a Variable Speed Air Conditioner in Santa Rosa is “a Cool Idea”

Variable speed air conditioner in Santa Rosa can save energy and moneyAre you designing your home? I have a suggestion you might consider concerning a “green” kind of air conditioner here in Santa Rosa. It’s called a variable speed central air system. I recently installed a variable speed air conditioner in Santa Rosa in a new home and received a phone call from an excited owner.

Kristen spent a long time looking into every aspect of home design. One thing that intrigued her was the variable speed air conditioner. We discussed using different types of air conditioner in Santa Rosa and the one she kept coming back to was the variable speed.

At Kristen’s house warming a friend asked her, “Kirsten, your air conditioner is so quiet. What kind is it?”

Kristen explained the system and how it was a great air conditioner in Santa Rosa weather. Her friend turned to her husband and said, “We are going to have to get one of these. It’s so quiet in here. And the air is so comfortable. I have never heard of a variable speed system. How cool is that?”

Kristen was so happy she shared our business information with her friend and called me the next day. I was not surprised when her friend called a few days later.

Why use a variable speed air conditioner in Santa Rosa?

First of all you might want to look at the way a traditional air conditioner works. When it kicks on, there is a noise, you feel a blast of air and the temperature in your house fluctuates several uncomfortable degrees as it cycles.

Instead of cycling on and off all day, on the other hand, a variable speed air conditioner starts off full blast in the morning when your home needs more cooling in our warming Santa Rosa summer. Then the unit will run at a lower speed, almost continuously the rest of the day. This saves energy and wear and tear on the system.

What are the benefits of the variable speed air conditioner to us in Santa Rosa?

There are some definite benefits to installing this type of system:

  • “Green” Energy savingsIf the unit saves you energy that will result in lower energy bills, saving you money. Estimates show that in bypassing the full speed operation of conventional air conditioners in Santa Rosa variable speed units can save up to 80% of the energy the system uses. The better energy use happens year round. So with a Santa Rosa variable speed central air system, you save money and lower your carbon footprint all year long.
  • Noise levels – The noise levels inside your home will go way down as you won’t hear that “whoosh” when the system kicks on. As a matter of fact, variable speed air conditioners in Santa Rosa are so quiet you may not even hear them turn on! Imagine how much better life will be without all the noise caused by your central air conditioner.
  • General comfort – You will enjoy much more comfort with the variable speed system. The continuous fan operation means the air temperature in your dwelling stays more constant. It won’t be too hot, then too cold.
  • Air quality – The more the air is moved through the filter on the unit the cleaner it will be. Since the fan runs almost all the time with a Santa Rosa variable speed central air conditioner, the air in your home gets run through the filter more often resulting in much cleaner air.
  • Humidity control – In the summer one of the most important functions of the central air conditioner is to control humidity. The longer a unit runs the better it does this. With the variable speed system fan running almost continuously the humidity levels in your home will be lower and more constant.

Variable speed central air system – It might be for you

If it’s time to look at a new central air system, why not take a look at a Santa Rosa variable speed central air system. Kristen certainly did and she’s very happy. The system’s quiet operation and superior cooling makes it worth looking into. Call 707-953-3345 today.

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