What? I Need to Change Air Filters in the Winter?

Santa Rosa air filters need changing even in the winter.I am often asked, “Do I need to change air filters on my furnace during the winter here in Santa Rosa?” Let me answer that question before saying anything else, “YES!”.  And that is a very, very big yes. Most people don’t think about changing the filter during the cooler parts of the year. But it’s just as essential to do so during the winter as it is in the summer.

A short Santa Rosa air filter story

Miss Lynn lives right outside of Santa Rosa. She called me last winter and told me her home was always cold and her furnace ran too much. She wanted to know if the “freon” had anything to do with her heating unit.

I figured I had better head over to pay her a visit so I could see what was going on. A quick check of her unit showed me that there was only one thing that was wrong. She had one of the dirtiest Santa Rosa air filters I had ever seen. The air just could not flow throughout her home.

I changed her filter on the spot. By the time I left her home was noticeably warmer.

Santa Rosa Air filters – Change yours regularly this winter

Santa Rosa Air Filters help in very cold conditionsStill not convinced? Here are some great reasons why you need to replace your furnace filter during the winter. It’s not hard to do and it will make a huge difference to you and your furnace.

  • Indoor air quality – One of the biggest things Santa Rosa air filters do is to to clean the air as it moves throughout your home. You simply breathe cleaner air. This is especially important if someone in your home has asthma or allergies. You also probably spend more time inside during the winter months. Keep your air cleaner with good filters.
  • Extends the life of your unit – When your AC unit’s filter gets clogged, it has to work much harder to do its job. The motor and blower work overtime. The entire system can overheat. As a matter of fact one of the leading causes of heating and air units breaking down is a dirty air filter. Newer units can often be repaired, but older ones may have to be replaced. Clean Santa Rosa air filters extend the life of your HVAC system.
  • Keeps energy costs down – If your filter is dirty, your entire system has to work harder. This causes it to use much more energy which means it costs more to operate. A clean HVAC filter can save you from 5 to 15% on utility costs.
  • Better air flow – When air filters get dirty, they begin to restrict air flow. If a filter gets too dirty, parts of your home might not get warm since air might not even flow to them. Keep the air in your home flowing freely with clean air filters.
  • Peace of mind – Look, if you change your filters on a regular basis, you will have the peace of mind in knowing your furnace will work better and use less energy. It will also mean I will make fewer trips to your home!

Air filters – You need them all year long

Here is the skinny on the deal. If I can only give you one piece of advice about your heating and air system, this would be it … keep those Santa Rosa air filters clean, all year long, even in winter. This will make your unit work better and use less energy.

You know that I don’t mind coming to your home to help you out with your heating and air issues. However, let’s keep those trips for the big problems. If you change your air filter, you see me a lot less!

You don’t want to  find yourself caught off guard this winter. So we have created this free report “Winterize Your Home and Save Money” that you can download. If you need help with any of your Santa Rosa air filters needs this winter, please call me at 707-953-3345.

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