Winter Dehydrating You Like Beef Jerky? Try a Humidifier!

Santa Rosa humidifiers can solve allergy problems.Joe had moved to Santa Rosa from Houston, Texas. I got a call from him asking me to come over and give him and his family some advice about his system and allergies. I wondered if this might not be a case for a Santa Rosa humidifier.

“The whole family feels like we are one big pack of beef jerky!” Joe exclaimed, “We have dry skin, parched throats, the kids have nose bleeds. It’s just awful. Houston got so hot it made you feel like you were in a sauna, but this is just as bad.”

I was right.

Your home’s air can be brutal in winter

Dry air in your home can be problematic in the winter. The combination of dry winter air, a turned up thermostat and closed windows causes issues for you and your family. Living out in Santa Rosa, where the air is generally drier, only compounds the problem.

Dry air is a great breeding ground for cold and flu viruses and their symptoms. The air in your home can literally be making you sick.

The conditions Joe mentioned above are some of the most common you see with dry winter air. The best way to remedy the issue is with the use of a humidifier. These devices add moist air to your home helping you, and your family, feel better and stay healthy.


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Benefits of Santa Rosa humidifiers

Let’s take a look at the benefits to making the air more humid in your home. Santa Rosa humidifiers are marvels when it comes to doing so.

  • Maintain health – Those cold and flu symptoms mentioned above can be greatly reduced. Maintaining a good humidity level in your home is a great preventive measure for everyone’s health. Your lungs will stay more elastic and nasal passages will stay moist helping you get and stay healthy.
  • Skin will look and feel better – Dry winter air wreaks havoc on your skin. It makes it dry and parched and feeling a lot like leather. You itch much more during the winter due to dry skin. Moister air will help alleviate this issue.
  • Nosebleeds diminish – Children, and often adults, will see an increase in nosebleeds due to the drier indoor air. While this may not be a serious medical condition it’s a nuisance and can scare younger family members.
  • Santa Rosa humidifiers can clear up dry itchy skin.Moist are feels warmer – Humidified air feels warmer. This may allow you to adjust your thermostat so the heater runs less, saving energy and money.
  • Protects your home – Dry air causes many other types of issues in your home. Wallpaper may peel. Wood flooring can dry out making it separate and crack. Wood furniture can crack and split. Wooden musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos, may also have big issues with dry indoor air.
  • Snoring relief – If you live with a snorer you know how dreadful that can be. Drier air makes the snoring even worse. A little of the snoring can be at least toned down with moister air in the house.
  • Minimizes static electricity – This is more of an annoyance than anything else. Frizzy hair, tousled clothes and shocks are the norm with static electricity. Keep static electricity to a minimum with humidified air.

Santa Rosa Humidifiers – Make a big difference

Joe and his family needed help. We sat down and talked it over. Even the children had opinions! They needed a humidifier, and fast.

In no time at all we had a brand new Santa Rosa humidifier installed and working. No more dry throats. Dry skin and chapped lips are a thing of the past. Joe even snores less. It’s just all around better for Joe’s family.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have the same issues. Santa Rosa humidifiers can make a world of difference when dealing with dry winter air. Call me at 707-953-3345 and we can discuss this option.


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