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affordable heating and air, Santa Rosa CASnow happens. Right here in Santa Rosa snow happens. OK not often, but when I was young, I can remember some of the old men talking about some very cold and snowy weather near the end of World War I, 1917 or so. I heard that it snowed 7 inches in one 24 hour period, almost 24 inches for the season and temperatures got into the mid-20s. But that was not in Nevada that was here in Santa Rosa. No one was prepared for such weather!

The chances of a tough winter might not be great here. That’s probably what most people thought in this area almost 100 years ago. But it did happen. Don’t get caught like that. Take steps now to be winterize your home.

And because you don’t find yourself caught off guard, we have a free report “Winterize Your Home and Save Money” that you can download here. The report lists 10 of the most essential action items you can do to be ready for cold weather.

While some of us look forward to the cold and others don’t, none of us wants to end up inside in the cold. So here are 3 tips to help you winterize your home. Even thought our winters in Santa Rosa are not like Barrow, Alaska’s, they do get cold enough to grab your attention at times. And there is always the chance of a big surprise, where it gets very cold and catches everyone off guard or even snows!


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Winterize Your Home Action Items As Easy As 1,2,3

  1.  BLANKETS–This is one of those “just in case” items that you need around your home in winter in case something goes really haywire and you need to stay warm. There could be many reasons for this. Your heating system could go on the blink and you may have to wait a bit before anyone can get there to fix it. It might be that you have younger children or older adults in your home that need the extra warmth. It does not matter the reason. What does matter is that you have an extra supply of blankets in your home to keep everyone warm … just in case.
  2. CARBON MONOXIDE ISSUES–Carbon monoxide (CO) issues are a big deal in your home in winter. Steps need to be taken to ensure that toxic amounts of this gas does not build up in your home. The easiest way to know this is by installing a CO monitor in your dwelling. If the levels get too high, the monitor goes off and you know the levels are too high. You have to be careful when it comes to CO. It is an odorless, tasteless and invisible substance. It can overwhelm you before you know it. Look, this is something to take seriously. Give me a call and I will come out to your house and get you fixed up with a monitoring system and give you some advice on now to handle CO.
  3. CHIMNEYS–Well, I can’t help you with this one but take it from a guy who has seen and heard it all. If you have a chimney and are planning on using your fireplace have it all checked out. What does a chimney sweep cost? Let’s put is this way … they don’t cost as much as replacing your house! If you find you can’t use your chimney, call me and we’ll figure out a way to get supplemental heat in your home.


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Take Steps to Stay Safe and Warm–Winterize Your Home

These are three important things you can do to help winterize your home. Remember, it’s better to prepare now, ahead of time, and not wait until you have an issue and don’t forget that we have a free report “Winterize Your Home and Save Money” you can download here. Be prepared and be on your way to having a nice, warm safe winter.

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